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INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED SCIENCE (IRJTAS) is one of the most embellishing and promising name in the era of paper publication. This is our aim to support and increase the research work of Scientist, Researchers, Academicians, Research scholars and Students.   The primary goal of our publication journal is to dignify the finest publication place for Author’s research. We are the one who acknowledge the Author’s research work appreciate and authenticate it.

The idea and operation of IRJTAS is to join the developing period of designing undertakings, accuracy, particular and prickly gadgets and in addition programming's and recreation devices are the compulsory utilization of the short and long haul projects. The utilizations of top of the line mechanism in the uncharacteristic state research is the requests of mechanical world and Researchers, Engineering Community is strong-minded to determine all the above perspectives. So there is a need of such stages where Researchers, Engineers and Scientists from the globe share their inventive thoughts to design incredible new things and provide for the world.

We are always happy to help you 24/7, regarding paper publication queries whenever you need contact us.

IRJTAS Services

These are following services provided by IRJTAS:

  • We will take lowest publication fees for publishing Author’s article.
  • We will provide review report of your article just next day after submitting of your article.
  • We are indexed globally with Google scholar and other indexing websites.
  • We will provide every author’s soft copy of publication certificate and soft copy of manuscript as well.
  • It’s an open access journal, whenever you need you can access your and others manuscript articles as well.