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An Efficient Design of Non-Active High Frequency Pass Filter for Applications in Active Power Filters

Abhishek Tiwari, Sachindra Kumar Verma

M.Tech Scholar, Professor, Department of EE, NRI, Bhopal, M.P, India


Recent active power filters can dynamically compensate for high order harmonics (usually the 25th). Despite the fact that the shunt active power filter keeps the sourcecurve nearly sinusoidal, considerable distortion is observed in the source curve due to the presenceof high order harmonics (more than 25th). Tofilter out these harmonics, a passiv high pass filter is used. The design process for these high-pass filters entails more than second-order equations, therefore the parameters are chosen by trial and error. In this paper, a simple design procedure for designing a high pass filter for shunt active power filter applications is proposed. Equations arederived from the fundamentals, and the design process is demonstrated with a case study of asingle phase shunt active power filter.

Keywords : -shunt active power filter; high pass filter; filter design; total harmonic distortion