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A Literature Survey on Golay Codes

Abhilasha Soni (M.Tech Scholar VLSI),Prof. Manish Gupta (Assistant Professor)

Dept. Electronics and Communication EngineeringScope College of Engineering, Bhopal, (M.P.), INDIAabhilashasonias@gmailcom Dept. Electronics and Communication EngineeringScope College of Engineering, Bhopal (M.P.),


The current universe of advanced correspondence secure information correspondence prime undertaking. Data coding decoding explore a variety of applications of the theory of arithmetic and computation. In the fields of cryptography and cryptanalysis as well as in the field of digital communication. For the improvement of security of the codes utilizing the Galious field (G.F.). Computation over finite fields (also called Galoisfields) is an active area of research in number theory and algebra, and finds many applications in cryptography, error control coding and combinatorial design. In this survey paper shows the literature review of golay code in digital communication A fowl eye audit for Golay code is introduced in this exploration work. A Golay code is introduced tending to the mistake remedying marvels. This is utilized in field programmable entryway exhibit (FPGA). There are different scientists presents there strategies for adjusting the mistake check. This examination work surveys that work.

Keywords : Architecture, decoder, encoder, field programmablegate array (FPGA), Golay code.